Monday, April 22, 2013

State Sen. Al Melvin "exploring" a run for governor

...and speaking as a wiseass writer, this may constitute evidence that there is a god in heaven...

From the Arizona Daily Star, written by Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services -
Three-term state Sen. Al Melvin announced this afternoon he intends to run for governor this coming year.

The Republican who lives in the Saddlebrook community just north of the Pima-Pinal county line said his bid will focus on giving every school student a $9,000 voucher to attend any school, public or private, of the parent's choice. Melvin said he sees that choice as the only real solution to improving academic performance.

He also wants to enact limits on how much juries can award in civil lawsuits. But that move would require voter approval, something that has been repeatedly rejected.

Melvin joins what promises to be an increasingly crowded field for the GOP nomination.
Secretary of State Ken Bennett and Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman already have exploratory committees. And Wil Cardon also is looking at a bid.

 Melvin is no slacker - he doesn't just fight against public education and a fair legal system.

Nope, he wants to turn Arizona into a nuclear waste dump, turn Arizona's prisons into slave labor camps, confiscate all federal land in Arizona, exempt county sheriffs, like his friend and ally Joe Arpaio, from budgetary and fiscal oversight, and more.

He shows off his intellectual prowess with tweets like "#azright Tourism makes up 15% of the AZ economy, employing 4000,000 people. AZ havs world class resorts.Tourists often become home buyers." (4/15/2013), "#azright We must fight Obamacare at every turn. The Dems passed it in the dead of night, without a single Republican vote. It is a disaster!" (4/13/2013), and "#azright If we go for all avail USA gas & oil, we can be a petroleum exporter & bring Iran & Venezuela to their economic knees. Let's do it!" (8/31/2012).

In short, if he actually runs, he will be Ev Mecham II.  And we know how Ev I turned out.

While a Melvin candidacy is potentially the most entertaining campaign ever (maybe if Melvin and somebody like Frank "Don't Make Me Mad" Antenori teamed up to run as candidates for co-governor... :) ), right now, I'm not so sure that his candidacy is a serious one - his filing with the Secretary of State lists both the committee chair and treasurer as one...

Al Melvin.

The "candidate as chief cook and bottle washer" approach may work in a legislative race, but for a statewide race?  It's a sign, and not a good one...

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