Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors: the race to 3 is on...

...3, as in the number of votes from the remaining supes needed by a candidate to be named to fill the vacancy on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors left by the recently resigned/retired Max Wilson...

Brahm Resnik of has posted the information on the 14 people who have officially submitted their names for consideration for the appointment.

Note: there may end up being more candidates - the deadline for candidates to declare their interest in the appointment is Friday.  If you are a Republican who lives in Supervisor District 4, you too can be a member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors!  Seriously, those are the two main qualifications for the appointment.

Many of the 14 candidates (so far) are people who may be familiar to regular readers (with some notes from their submissions or their past histories):

Peoria City Council member Ron Aames

Peoria Mayor Bob Barrett

Former county schools superintendent Sandra Dowling (as the victim of a past BOS power play/witch hunt, her candidacy may be something of a long shot)

Avondale City Council member Jim Buster

Former Arrowhead Justice of the Peace John Keegan (husband of former AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction Lisa Graham Keegan).  Possibly the front-runner.  Reason?  He lists as one of his favorite hobbies firing his "full scale American Civil War howitzer".  May be something that the supes want on their side during their next tiff with Joe Arpaio.

Former state legislator and a 2012 primary opponent of Wilson, Jean McGrath.  Highlight of her legislative career: she ran a bill to ban opposite sex overnight visits in dorms at state universities.  Hint: she wasn't trying to score points with her LGBT constituents.  The bill didn't pass, and I'm guessing that it would have been thoroughly ignored even if it had passed.

Goodyear City Council member Joanne Osborne.  She likes to play solitaire and has lots of books to read about "business, leadership, business, and faith".  I guess that's better than a howitzer.

Litchfield Park Mayor Thomas Schoaf

Former state legislator Bob Blendu

Former state legislator Jack Harper, a frequent subject of not-so-random musings here.  Many things have been said and written about his "colorful" political activities, but for this, the highlight is from his submission: on his resume, he lists as one of his qualifications for the job (which is what a resume is all about) that he is a "Life Member of the National Rifle Association".

The selection of a new member of the may take place as early as next week.  No matter who is appointed, they will serve until the 2014 election when the voters will choose someone to serve out the remainder of the term (until 2016)

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