Friday, February 08, 2013

OK. What practical joker put me on a GW Bush mailing list?

Found this letter from Laura Bush (we're close friends, trust me :) ) in the mail this week -

In it, she writes about my past "generous support" for her and her husband, the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.

After a little flattery/filler, she then hit me up for a donation for the George W. Bush Presidential Center, complete with the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

Just a couple of points here:

I've never supported George W. Bush - he exhibited no redeeming qualities as president or in any part of his public life.  While I never liked someone like, say, Ronald Reagan, I could find something nice to say about the guy.  For instance, Reagan could deliver a joke, and deliver it well; Bush would mispronounce any words in the joke that were more than six letters and/or two syllables long.  And that's the best thing that I can find to say about him.

Also, a donation to help fund a library that will best contain and convey the words and wisdom of George W. Bush?  How much money does it take to buy a couple of lawn chairs and to set them up in front of the magazine rack at the Crawford, Texas Walmart (the nearest one is actually in Waco, but that's close enough for someone who got through life on legacy admissions and gentlemens "Cs")?

Seriously, the Bushes could go to George's "friends" in Big Oil, and those friends could pay for the bestest presidential library ever, and do it out of petty cash.

Laura Bush doesn't seem to be evil or anything like that, but she should stop wasting what little public credibility and respect she has on fronting for her husband.

And yes, I am fully aware that she almost certainly didn't write the letter.  However, it went out under her name, and there doesn't seem any sort of scandal brewing over this being unauthorized, so it is hers.

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