Monday, February 25, 2013

Felecia Rotellini in the 2014 Attorney General race

Picture courtesy Rotellini's 2010 campaign Twitter page

Felecia Rotellini, the 2010 Democratic nominee for Arizona Attorney General, has announced that she will be a candidate for that office in 2014.

Among other things, she is pledging to "restore integrity" and "dignity" to the office of the Attorney General, qualities that have been drained away from that office by the ongoing antics of current AG Tom Horne.

In 2010, Rotellini was easily the most impressive Democratic candidate in a very down year for Democrats in Arizona and across the country.  Many people, including not a few who voted for Horne, felt that she should have won the race, and many others, including not a few Republicans, thought she would have won in any election that wasn't a Republican tidal wave year.

Now, with the most impressive Democratic candidate in 2012, Dr. Richard Carmona, serving as the chair of her election committee, she is well-positioned to gain the office and turn the office of the Attorney General back into an agency that brings credit to Arizona because of its professionalism, and not brings ridicule to Arizona because of its lack of professionalism (to put it mildly).

Rotellini spent the better part of two decades working in the AZAG's office and overseeing the AZ State Banking Department, now called the Department of Financial Institutions.  She worked for both Democratic and Republican governors and AGs, winning the respect of all who know her (OK, maybe except for defendants :) ).

She isn't just a good Democratic candidate, she is a good candidate, period.

Rotellini's campaign website is here; if you wish to volunteer for or contribute to the campaign, the contact info is there.

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