Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tempe/South Scottsdale Democrats nominate three to fill vacant seat

The (soon-to-be former) LD17 Democrats (because of redistricting, the district that emcompassed south Scottsdale and most of Tempe has been split up into three different districts for the next ten years) met once more to nominate three people to serve out the term of the recently-resigned Ben Arredondo. 

The meeting was a brief one, as the group was required to nominate three people for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to choose from, and only three people were running.

Hence, the meeting closed with the threesome being nominated by acclamation and no speeches were necessary.  Which was a good thing for the attendees who wanted to get to the ASU-Oregon game. 

Well, "good" until they were told how thoroughly Oregon was beating ASU.  :)

Any, the three nominees are:

Kristin Gwinn, a political consultant, double master's candidate at ASU in ASU's Public Policy and Public Administration programs, and activist
Randy Keating, chair of the (current) LD26 Democrats and small business owner
Juan Mendez, current candidate for the legislature in LD26 and a long-time community activist

(L-R) Mendez, Keating, Gwinn
Steve Muratore of the Arizona Eagletarian has full coverage here, including an overview of the legal and procedural particulars surrounding this meeting.

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