Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maricopa County Recorder's Office engaging in voter suppression activity?

From ABC15.com, written by Tim Vetscher (emphasis mine) -

The Maricopa County Elections Department mistakenly listed the wrong date of the upcoming general election on an official government document.

The error appears on a document containing a voter ID card.

In addition to the ID card, the piece of paper it comes in lists other information such as important election dates.

In the corner of the document, it says November 6th in English but in Spanish it reads 8 de Noviembre, the 8th of November.
Election day is November 6th, not November 8th.

Folks, there is a reason that Arizona has been, is, and will remain, a "preclearance" state under the Voting Rights Act.

OK, there are *many* reasons, and this is only the latest and most blatant.

Folks2, it's official - we've reached the "cheat like hell" portion of the Republicans' plan to win the elections this year.


movingazforward said...

Wow. This is truly shocking (but not at all surprising).

Arizona Advocacy Network is doing a lot with voter protection. They have a poll monitor training on October 29th in Phoenix, and I believe there are more training locations.

In case the link doesn't work, it's azadvocacy.org.


drangedinaz said...

I missed this! Thanks for pointing it out.