Friday, September 07, 2012

Prop 204: Damn, what Tedski said

In November, Arizona's voters will vote on extending a 1% increase in the state's sales tax that the voters passed a couple of years ago to provide additional revenue for Arizona's education system.

I'm a little torn on this - I despise sales and other regressive taxes, but I totally understand why we need to support and improve schools in Arizona.

I've decided to vote for it, and I could go on about the various reasons for that decision, but Tedski, Ted Prezelski, at Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion has summed up the best reasons to vote for Prop 204, and done so far more succinctly than I ever could (emphasis mine) -
Earlier this week, the report that no state cut more money for schools than Arizona did got a lot of play. I guess I should have written about it, but, unfortunately, the news that the folks that run our state don’t give a rat’s ass about our state’s future doesn’t shock me enough to make me angry anymore.
Phil Hubbard, who served in the legislature in the eighties and nineties, used tell a story about a Republican from Sun City who had a seat near him on the floor. Another legislator was giving a speech about preparing for the future. The legislator from Sun City leaned over to Hubbard and said, “The future? In Sun City we don’t even buy green bananas.”
These days, we’ve got a veto-proof majority and a governor serving on behalf of people who don’t buy green bananas.
Vote yes on 204…sales taxes suck and are regressive, but hoping our legislators will give a darn is a fool’s errand.

Other than using more words (that's just how I roll :) ), I would change only one thing in Ted's post -

I'd have used the word "damn" instead of "darn".

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