Thursday, September 06, 2012


Just in time for the third night of the DNC, Jerry Gettinger's dispatch about the second -

It’s continuing!

The atmosphere, the attitude, the clean, modern look of “uptown” remains intact just as it was the first full day of the convention. I was talking with a fellow delegate this A.M.  He pointed out that the three days instead of four or five days that the convention scheduled in the past has compressed the entire agenda. The result is not one gap in the schedule.  Also, all the ”rock star” speakers keep the festivities going and building up to a fever pitch.  
I don’t have to say that president Clinton was nothing short of magnificent yesterday.   I have heard him speak several times.  In the baseball lingo, the pres always gets on base with his talent for speaking. Singles and doubles.  This one was over the fence with the bases loaded.   The electricity of the crowd was captured by Clinton and used to completely mesmerize the audience.   Yet, at the same time, he conveyed the feeling that he was speaking directly to each of us.  I have spoken to other attendees and each had the same reaction. I am aware he was televised, but you had to be there to understand that this wasn’t just a speech, it was an experience that bordered on an out of body encounter.   All the while he clearly made the case for we Democrats. I’m glad he is on our side.

I heard some discussion concerning the “man hugs” that took place at the end of the speech.   One ‘pundit’ thought it was staged.  I can say with certainty that it was not.  I watched closely as Barack came over to Bill.  He first extended his hand for a hand shake.  But then, instead of Clinton acknowledging the gesture, he grabbed Obama in a bear hug which Barack quickly returned.   No way that could be staged.  It was totally and completely spontaneous with emotion that that was tangible.  The feeling between the two was genuine, a combination of respect and friendship.  That can’t be staged.

The place went crazy.  Noise, applause and electricity that could have powered a city.  What an experience!!   TV cannot do the night justice.   I looked around at the signs being waved, applause with everyone cheering, the two men on the stage and thought “this is one of those experiences that I will remember from now on.”   We all have those moments.  I was lucky that I was there.

Tonight, Barack, and before, a meeting.  Later, I will talk about the private meetings.

More to come.

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