Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Have a problem with something the Rs have done or will do? Well..."Don't boo, vote!"

These days, political conventions have become a steady stream of speakers standing up and say why their side is "good" and the other side is "bad".  The speeches are just different ways of repeating standard talking points (this is one of the few areas that the "both sides do it" folks are right about).

However, once in a while, even in the canned speeches, something strikes home as a profound truth.  That happened tonight in the speech by Cristina Saralegui, a Latina journalist, talk show host, and actress (emphasis mine) -

On immigration, Governor Romney's views could not be more extreme. He says we should make life so unbearable for eleven million people that they simply "self-deport." He said that Arizona's immigration law should be a "model" for our country. He even made the architect of that terrible law an immigration advisor for his campaign. No protesten—voten!

"No protesten--voten!"  In English, "don't boo--vote!"

It's that simple folks.  Regardless of which single issue is most important to you - the Republican war on women, attacks on immigrants, oppression of minorities, all of the above, or even more, the first and best step to changing things for the better is to VOTE.

People who choose to sit out the election because they don't think either side is perfect (and to be clear, neither side is perfect.  Though the Rs are more imperfect than the Ds. :) ) are free to make that choice.  However, by doing so, well, as far as I'm concerned, when things don't improve, they won't be in a position to point fingers.

Except at the person in the mirror.

Note:  On this day when a federal judge declined to strike down the "DWB" ("Driving While Brown") provision of AZ's infamous immigration law known as SB1070, Ms. Saralegui's comments are particularly on point.

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