Monday, September 03, 2012


The first missive from Jerry Gettinger, a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.  Jerry has graciously agreed to send nightly updates on his experience at the convention, and he has done so. 

Unfortunately, he sent the updates to an email address that I don't check more than once every few days, and I was oblivious to the fact that he is most familiar with that address.

I received this message on 9/3/2012, but did not post it until 9/5.  It has been backdated to reflect the time that it should have been posted.

My apologies to readers and to Jerry for the screw-up.

On to the post (it's a brief one) -

Jerry Gettinger.  Pic courtesy Jerry.

Sept 3.

We are here. The day was long, as was the trip. But we made it and, miracles do happen, my bags made it through Chicago. It took 2 hours to travel from the airport to the hotel. Part of that was waiting for the shuttle. But everyone has been extra and that counts for a lot. Oh indecently, it rained or better yet, I would describe it as a downpour. The hotel is very nice with a welcome that indicates we have rented the entire hotel. (I will have photos tomorrow) Tomorrow is breakfast for the Delegation and Governor Brian Schweitzer, Mayor Greg Stanton and Jonathan del Arco speaking. Then on to “uptown” which is what they call downtown. Tomorrow night the business end of the gathering starts. Speakers will be president Jimmy Carter, first lady Michele Obama and keynote speaker, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro. (Everybody who is anybody gets to make a speech. That is, as long as they are Democrats)

By the way, the hotel is in a town called Ardsley. A new suburb built to look like a well-aged towne (notice the “e”). It’s very pretty and very new south.

Until the morrow,


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