Sunday, August 12, 2012

More victories in '12

The second post in a series from Jerry Gettinger, a friend and a delegate to the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte...

In the last communique I promised to explain why it was important that I declare my representation as a delegate for a particular candidate. Since there is an incumbent, it is assumed that the president would be candidate and the VP would also run. However, if there was no one in office, then my declaration of candidacy would mean that I was obligated to vote for the candidate that I stipulated in my application. The vote would be binding on the first tally. After that I could vote for whomever I chose.
However that is only important if there is a convention where there is more than one candidate. At any rate, I declared for the president and the VP. By the rules there would be only a certain number of voting delegates. As I mentioned before, the number of delegates was based on the number of Democrats in the state. So, the race was on! The contest was between a relatively large number of candidates vying for the positions. There would be a total of 46 elected delegates, of which I was fortunate to be one. The 46 was in addition to the PLELO delegates.(party leaders). This year was more desirable because of the president. There would be no contest as to who would be the candidate. Just fun.
It is August 6th. The time is rapidly approaching when I would leave. It will be very exciting to see democracy in action. I can’t say that I will write again until the start of the convention. If anything of interest and/or importance comes about, then I will make certain it will be conveyed. If not, I’ll see you from Charlotte.


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