Monday, August 27, 2012

David Schapira, the clear choice in CD9

In case you haven't heard (LOL), tomorrow is primary election day in Arizona.

There are contests on both sides of the ballot, but few are higher profile than the race for the Democratic nomination in the Ninth Congressional District.  The Ninth District takes in parts of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler and all of Tempe. 

There are three Democrats on the ballot -

Kyrsten Sinema, a former state legislator

Andrei Cherny, formerly chair of the Arizona Democratic Party

David Schapira, currently a state senator and Democratic leader in the Arizona Senate

All three are young, intelligent, and hard working, and regardless of the outcome Tuesday, the two runners-up will be at the head of the list of potential statewide candidates in 2014.

All three have won the support of some dedicated activists and volunteers, many of whom I like and respect, and even call "friend".

However, only one candidate can win this race, and I believe that the candidate who best merits our votes is David Schapira.

On the "big issues" David and the other candidates have very similar positions, but Schapira's honesty, directness and passion for his constituents, his employers, earns him the nod.

He has run a positive campaign, running *for* the privilege of representing the district, not *against* the other candidates.

He has a documented history of working for his constituents, but he also has a history of standing up for principle, even when it may not be politically advantageous.

Such as when he supported and worked for the effort to recall Russell Pearce.  Before he was recalled, Pearce was president of the Arizona State Senate, and if he had survived the recall, would have made Schapira's life at the Capitol a living hell.

Like most people who run for office, Schapira is relaxed and comfortable in front of, or in, a crowd. 

Schapira in front of a crowd

Schapira in a crowd

But he also genuinely likes talking with individual people, even after the crowds have thinned out -

David has been a life-long Arizonan, student, teacher, and small businessman.

David has been a strong advocate for the people of his district in the Arizona legislature, husband, and father (not in order of importance).

From Schapira's website

With your help, David will be Arizona's next great Congressman.

Vote for David Schapira tomorrow.

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