Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Romney: No new gun laws because they won't prevent all 'bad things'

Interesting.  Mitt Romney's response to calls for discussion of possible new gun laws, calls stemming from last week's massacre in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado is that we shouldn't do so because no laws will remove all "bad things" from society.

From Yahoo! News, written by Holly Bailey -

Mitt Romney suggested new gun control legislation likely wouldn't stop a massacre like last week's movie theater shooting in Colorado, but "changing the heart of the American people" possibly would.
Romney made the comment during an interview with NBC's Brian Williams in London, the first stop of the presumptive Republican nominee's seven-day overseas tour.

NBC released an early excerpt of the interview, scheduled to air on Wednesday's NBC Nightly News:


[Quoting Romney in the interview] And so we can sometimes hope that just changing the law will make all bad things go away. It won't.

Under that line of reasoning, we wouldn't have drug laws (it's not like drug use has decreased under those laws, much to the immense joy and profit of the prison industrial complex), we wouldn't have traffic laws (people still do unsafe things with motor vehicles, no matter what the law says), or, for that matter, we wouldn't have most criminal laws (murder, rape, robbery, etc, still happen even though all of those things are "illegal").

The attitude exhibited by Romney in this matter is almost Libertarian.

I know that Romney changes his policy positions almost as often as the rest of us change our socks, but does anything about Romney scream "Libertarian", except when laissez-faire policies benefit him personally?

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