Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Registration deadline looming for the August primary election

Monday, July 30, is the deadline to register to vote in Augusto's primary election (August 28). 

Many Independent voters will choose to sit this one out, but they shouldn't, and they don't have to - they can vote in either major party's primary simply by requesting that party's ballot.

Also, while most people refer to this upcoming election as a "primary" election, it is also the general election in non-partisan municipal elections, and sitting this one out could lead to four years of bad government officials at the level of government that has the most immediate impact on voters' quality of life.

If you want to register to vote, or to update your registration (i.e., if you have moved), you can do so here at

Note to folks who will reach their 18th birthday before the August election but after the deadline: You can still register to vote in the August election, but you must still do so by next Monday.

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