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Cha-ching! Campaign finance report time...

Mary Jo Pitzl of the Arizona Republic has a story up on the most recent round of campaign finance reports for state legislative candidates, covering the period from the beginning of the year thru the end of May.

That inspired a look at some specific races and candidates -

This will tend to focus on races of note in Maricopa County.  If you are interested in a race that isn't covered this post, the AZSOS' campaign finance search page is here.

Note:  the complete list of candidates who are running under Clean Elections financing and how much they have received to date is here.

In LD24 (my new district):

House candidates -
State Rep. Lela Alston (D) (traditional financing) - raised more than $19K; nearly $25K cash on hand
State Rep. Chad Campbell (D) (traditional) - raised nearly $12K; more than $19K on hand
Tom Nerini (D) (Clean Elections financing) - raised slightly more than $3K; slightly less than $100 on hand.  Has not received any CE funding as yet.
Jean Cheuvront McDermott (D) (traditional) - raised nearly $1900; approximately $750 on hand.  Note: she had been ordered off of the ballot over discrepancies with her name but appealed the ruling and has been restored to the ballot.  The only significant change ordered by the court was that instead of appearing on the ballot as "Cheuvront-McDermott, Jean", she will be listed as "McDermott, Jean Cheuvront".
Brian Kaufman (R) (CE) - raised $575; a little more than $500 on hand.  Has not received any CE funding as yet.

Senate candidates -
State Rep. Katie Hobbs (D) (traditional) - raised nearly $14K; nearly $17K on hand
Ken Cheuvront (D) (traditional) - raised $21K; a little more than $18K on hand
Augustine Bartning (R) (CE) - raised $550; $478 on hand.  Has not received any CE funding as yet.

LD25 State Senate:
Russell Pearce (R) (traditional) - raised $2800; more than $31K on hand.  This is an amended report, as noted by Laurie Roberts of the AZ Republic here.
Bob Worsley (R) (traditional) - raised nearly $67K; more than $17K on hand
Greg Gadek (D) (CE) - raised $2500; a little more than $2200 on hand. Gadek has received his CE funding, but it is not reflected in this report.


Senate candidates -
State Rep. Ed Ableser (D) (CE) - raised almost $1900; nearly $2900 on hand.  Has not received any CE funding as yet.
State Sen. Jerry Lewis (R) (traditional) - raised nearly $9200; $6200 on hand.  While Lewis is leading the money race in this district, his numbers are a far cry from the $84K he raised in the 2011 recall election against Russell Pearce.  It seems that the "anti-Pearce" donors outnumber the "pro-Lewis" donors (just check out the numbers for Bob Worsley, above.  Worsley is Pearce's opponent this time around.)

House candidates -
Buckley Merrill (R) (traditional) - raised I don't know how much.  He hasn't filed a report, which is a big no-no.
Raymond Speakman (R) (CE) - raised $185; $157 on hand.  Has not received any CE funding as yet.
Mary Lou Taylor (R) (traditional) - raised $0; $0 on hand.  At least she filed a report, but it could be a problem - even if no other expeditures were made, *somebody* had to pay for the petitions she circulated.  Either she (or her campaign) paid for them and it should be reported, or somebody else, in which case it was an "in-kind" contribution, which must also be reported  Not submitting a report is bad, but generally only gets a committee fined.  Submitting a report with false information is far worse.
Jason Youn (R) (CE) - raised more than $1800; nearly $800 on hand.  Has not received any CE funding as yet.

LD28 State House:
State Rep. Kate Brophy McGee (R) (traditional) - raised nearly $9500; more than $25K on hand.
State Rep. Eric Meyer (D) (traditional) - raised $39K; more than $38K on hand
State Rep. Amanda Reeve (R) (traditional) - raised $9400; almost $28K on hand

This district is definitely Republican-leaning in terms of voter registration, but as the fundraising numbers show, this race is going to be a close one.

Look for a post on the financial reports of Congressional candidates later this month, after the reporting deadline.

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We can expect that the politicians campaign funds will even rise as the election gets near.

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