Saturday, June 16, 2012

Candidate withdrawals and challenges

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Even though it has been only a couple of weeks since nominating petition were due, but there are already a number of withdrawals and challenges to report.

The full list of Congressional and state-level primary candidate challenges, from the AZ Secretary of State, is here; the list of candidates who have already withdrawn is here

One name of a challenged candidate that is not on the list is that of Doug Quelland, because he is facing a challenge that is based on alleged campaign finance violations, not alleged nomination irregularities.  Quelland was removed from the state legislature because of Clean Elections-related campaign finance.  The Republican-turned-Independent is running for state senate in the new LD20, and the Republican establishment there is not amused.  Hence the challenge.

Note: all challenges will be heard in Maricopa County Superior Court.

The nomination challenges include:

John Allen State House LD 15: Republican Nomination

Kim Allen State Senate LD 11: Libertarian Nomination

George H. Benavides Sr. State House LD 20: Republican Nomination

Sheila Bilyeu U.S. Senate: Libertarian Nomination

Jean Cheuvront-McDermott State House LD 24: Democratic Nomination

Joe Cobb U.S. House CD 7: Libertarian Nomination

Doug Coleman State House LD 16: Republican Nomination

Rich Crandall State Senate LD 16: Republican Nomination

Jeff Davis State House LD 16: Republican Nomination

Rebecca DeWitt  U.S. House CD 7: Democratic Nomination

Dean Dill State House LD 8: Libertarian Nomination

Toby Farmer State House LD 13: Republican Nomination

James Iannuzo State Senate LD 28: Libertarian Nomination

Gaither Martin U.S. House CD 1: Republican Nomination

Anthony Prowell U.S. House CD 1: Libertarian Nomination

Raquel Teran State Senate LD 30: Democratic Nomination

The list of Maricopa County candidates, including withdrawals/removals, is here.  A few candidates have already withdrawn

I can't find a list of challenges on the county recorder's website, but the highest-profile challenge is the one challenging Mike Stauffer.  He is a former Republican who is running as an Independent for Maricopa County Sheriff.

More as the cases are decided...


Richard said...

Dean Dill is listed as a write-in candidate, so he didn't have petitions. The challenge must be based on something else other than the validity of petitions.

Steve Muratore said...

Dean Dill withdrew as a candidate for LD8 House seat and filed as a write-in candidate for the LD8 senate seat.