Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Balsz School District stands up and just says "no" to TCE

From, written by Steve Kuzj -

A Valley school district had to decide between money and ensuring their students’ health 100 percent.

Freescale Semiconductor offered Brunsun-Lee Elementary School $20,000 a year to build a waste-water pipe underneath their elementary school.

The waste-water the pipe would carry is contaminated with a very dangerous chemical.


The board voted unanimously to deny the waste-water pipeline. Members said even the smallest risk was too much for their students.

The five members of the Board, Vic Grace, Todd Schwarz, Fred Andersen, Brenda Janicsek, and J. Will Roberts, should be commended for standing up for the students of their district.  In fact, a webform to do just that can be found here.

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