Monday, May 14, 2012

Romney may be the king of flip flops, but he is consistent about one thing: his endless supply of contempt for people who work for a living

Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on pretty much every issue under the political sun, usually changing his positions based on the audience he was/is trying to tailor his message to.

However, one thing he has been completely consistent about is his utter disregard for people who work for a living. 

When he ran Bain Capital, Bain's business MO (modus operandi) was to acquire successful companies cheap and run them into the ground in the way most profitable to Mitt and his cronies.

That way always included cutting the pay and benefits of the workers who made those companies successful before Mitt et. al. came along.

Mitt may not be "in business" any longer, at least officially, but his attitude toward people who work for a living hasn't changed one bit.

From (a publication of the National Journal) -

"We will stop the unfairness of government workers getting better pay and benefits than the taxpayers they serve," Romney said.

One of the great right-wing talking points is that federal workers, indeed all government workers, are paid more than private sector workers in the same fields. 

There is some debate on the subject, but there is one thing that Mitt's (and the Republicans') talking point blithely ignores -

Any "pay gap" between the public and private sectors is due, at least in part, to the stagnation and diminution of the compensation of private sector workers, not to a skyrocketing of government worker compensation.

Romney is already setting up his rationalization for gut-punching the one sector of the American middle class that has held up relatively well during the attack on the overall middle class over the last few decades.

By contrast, President Obama shows a healthy respect for people who work for a living.

From the American Society for Public Administration -

Each day, our country benefits from the efforts of dedicated federal, state and local government employees who do their jobs with pride and passion. So many of these men and women work tirelesly on behalf of their fellow citizens to confront the challenges impacting our communities and our nation. During Public Service Recognition Week, we recognize these committed civil servants and honor their efforts to ensure a brighter future for the next generation.

President Obama isn't perfect (who is?), but he understands that there is a difference between being a leader working to restore American economic vitality and being a vampire sucking the economic life out of the American middle class for personal profit..

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