Sunday, March 18, 2012

Short Attention Span Musing...

OK, so this one is mostly about picking on AZ Republicans...mostly.

...In case one was sure that the Rs in the lege hadn't regressed to a third-grade mentality, what with their recent fascination with/fear of "girl parts", comes a mature and intellectually incisive tweet from your favorite and mine, Rep. Jack Harper (R-Surprise!) -

"Arlene"??  Time to grow up Jack.

...Remember Jerry Walker?  The former member of the Maricopa County Community College District was well-known for his bigoted comments, arrogant attitude, and his bullying demeanor in office before he was defeated in 2010.

He's basically Russell Pearce without the pretense of affability, a man so extreme in his worldview and absolutely sure of his rightness that he frightens even other Republicans.

Well, he's baaaaaaaaack...

He's formed a committee to run for the North Mesa Justice of the Peace office.  Not sure if he has been hand-picked by Lester Pearce, the incumbent who is looking at a run for a seat on the Board of Supervisors, but he may be the one candidate who could burnish Pearce's legacy as JP.

Pearce is known as pretty extreme himself (going around the country lecturing that women's suffrage, aka right to vote, is a violation of states' rights, will earn that reputation), but compared to Walker, he's a voice of enlightened reason.

...Former state senator Jonathan Paton is making another run at a seat in Congress.  I won't say he is *completely* in the pocket of the payday loan/legalized loan shark industry, but I admit to being a little surprised that his campaign paperwork didn't list his campaign bank accounts as being at The National Money Store or similar operation (he reports his bank as the Bank of Tucson).

...Normally the Twitter feed for GS Elevator Gossip (GS = Goldman Sachs) documents a fount of 1% arrogance, but it turns out that even the GSers get one right on occasion -

I don't know if the Congressional pension plan is quite that good, but it is much better than that offered to members of the armed services, and that's not right.


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