Thursday, March 22, 2012

Frank Antenori: just serving it up

Southern AZ bloggers have been needling state Sen. Frank "Don't Make Me Mad" Antenori over his efforts to outlaw photo radar traffic enforcement in light of his penchant for getting caught by photo radar cameras committing one or another violation.

Michael Bryan at Blog for Arizona has one jab here, and Tedski at Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion has a jab here, and here, and hereOK, that last one isn't about photo radar or Antenori's driving, but it is metaphorically about radar, and it's definitely a needle.  Tedski's been on a roll.  :)

Anyway, I was going to pass on this one, content to let my colleagues from southern AZ work their magic on one of their own (Antenori represents part of Tucson), but after watching a little video, I saw that Antenori has been bringing his scofflaw ways to my part of the desert, Scottsdale.

The Tucson Weekly has video of Antenori consciously running a red light in Scottsdale ("consciously" because he slowed down at the intersection, saw the other stopped traffic, and rolled right through the intersection).

Antenori exhibits a pattern of disregard for the traffic laws that apply to the rest of us, a pattern that goes far beyond his running of a red light in Scottsdale (the above video).

...He just "cleared up" a photo radar speeding ticket in the Pima County justice court system.  He failed to appear, resulting in the Court ordering the suspension of his driver's license.  However, the state Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) claimed that they were never notified and so never suspended the license. 

They say it was an honest mistake, but the cynic in me wonders if it is more an exercise is spineless geography - the judge's office is 100+ miles and a couple of hours away from MVD; Antenori's office is 100+ steps and a couple of minutes away from MVD.

And Antenori exercises some influence over their budget.

I've been told I'm being too cynical on this one, that this sort of thing happens far more often than it should, but I don't believe in coincidence.

Anyway, I digress...

...He also has the ticket from the violation documented in the linked video, pending in Scottsdale Municipal Court (R-0751-PR-2012005658)

...In 2006, he received a parking ticket in Tucson (Tucson Municipal Court, M-1041-PK-400661180)

...In 2007, he received a traffic ticket in Tucson (Tucson Municipal Court, M-1041-TR-7054839), and cleared it with a defensive driving course

...In 2008, he received another traffic ticket in Tucson (Tucson Municipal Court, M-1041-TR-8041742), and paid a fine

That's what I could find with a quick online search.  Many courts in AZ and elsewhere don't have an online presence, but even this is more than enough to establish the pattern.

Frank Antenori is running for Congress, and apparently he puts "scofflaw" in the job description for his senior campaign staff.

He's hired Brett Mecum, the disgraced former executive director of the AZGOP, for his campaign staff.

Mecum is the one who was arrested at AZGOP headquarters after photo radar caught him driving more than 40 mph over the speed limit on a Phoenix freeway (I think that mug shot photographers hone their skills by taking driver's license photos

Mecum also ran into trouble for his use of the GOP's "Voter Vault" (info on registered voters to aid in targeted campaigning) to find out information about a woman he was stalking.

...Given all this, will anybody really be surprised if Antenori makes the song "Working on the Chain Gang" his campaign theme song?  Now, the estate of Sam Cooke may object, but that's never stopped R candidates from ripping off musical artists...


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