Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Romney getting rather "efficient" about flip-flopping

It used to take years, or at least weeks, for Mitt Romney to change his positions on issues.  Apparently, however, he's gotten so much practice at it he's gotten his cycle time down to mere hours.

From AP, via the Seattle Times -

Republican Mitt Romney says he doesn't support a Senate Republican effort that would allow employers to deny insurance coverage based on moral objections and that critics say could limit birth control. Romney's campaign immediately reversed his position.

In honor of Romney's campaign strategy of being for everything before he is against everything, or against everything before he is for it, I have a suggestion for his official campaign footwear.

From -

The world's most expensive flip-flops. 

At only $18,000 per pair...

...his wife could afford a pair for each of her Cadillacs.

...his NASCAR friends, the team owners, can keep a few spare pairs on hand in their sky boxes.

...he can afford to give a pair to each of the people that he likes to fire as a severance payment (OK, he probably wouldn't do that.  But not because he can't afford to...)

Personally, I hope the Rs hold one more nationally televised primary debate.

I want to see if Romney can get his flip-flop cycle time down to one sentence.

I'm confident in his ability to pull it off.

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