Monday, February 06, 2012

It must be spring - candidates are just sprouting everywhere

...In CD8 (Tucson), Ron Barber, the long-time district director for Gabby Giffords, is likely to enter the race to serve out the rest of her term.  He seems most likely to enter the race as a placeholder, finishing out the term but not running for a full term of his own.  If that is so, most of the Ds who have expressed interest in the seat will probably forego a run in the special election and focus on the fall election.

...State Rep. Vic Williams (R-Tucson). former state representative Nancy Young Wright (D) and former AZGOP chair Mike Hellon (R)  are running for District 1 spot on the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

...The outgoing mayor of Tempe, Hugh Hallman (R), is considering a run for Congress, most likely in the new CD9.  Not exactly breaking news, that.  His interest in higher office is well-known around Tempe, and this particular interest has been talked about for months.

...In other not-exactly-breaking news, freshman GOP congressman Ben Quayle has chosen to run against fellow freshman GOPer David Schweikert in the R primary in the new CD6.  Quayle lives in the new CD9, but that's a competitive district.  CD6 is so strongly Republican, the winner of the primary is likely to be the winner of the general election.

...A number of other folks have filed paperwork for Congress.  I'll call them "minor" candidates, but not out of disrespect.  It only means that I've never heard of them before.  When they show that they have some game (like by gathering enough sigs to gain a spot on the ballot), I'll list them.

...Also, there have been a number of filings for legislative seats.  As the AZ lege is basically "entry level" for politics in AZ, it isn't surprising that I haven't heard of most of them.  It will take some time to research them all.

Expect the candidate filings to accelerate over the couple of months.


Thane Eichenauer said...

Ahhhhh. I am disappointed. If filing papers isn't enough then how is anybody going to learn about them in order to help them collect signatures?

cpmaz said...

In this area, I'm just an observer. The candidates in question have to show that they've got some game.

I don't have the ability or the desire to bestow that; that's up to the candidates themselves.

As a rule of thumb, I consider "having some game" as making it on to a ballot, now or in the past. However, even that is only a guideline. For US Senate, I consider both Wil Cardon (R) and Don Bivens (D) serious candidates even though neither has run for public office before (so far as I know). They've got access to money (and the reality is that makes a difference in the viability of a candidacy, like it or not) and the connections to put together robust campaign organizatiions.

James Black said...

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