Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wendy Rogers talking up a run for Congress

According to a little birdie (meaning a source I can't name, but who I trust) Republican Wendy Rogers, late of a losing campaign for state senate (she challenged and lost to David Schapira in 2010), was at a Republican LD meeting this week talking up a run for Congress in the new 9th Congressional District.

Apparently, she is still so ticked at Schapira for defeating her once, she wants to give him a chance to do it again (Schapira is already running in CD9)...

Anyway, the rumor looks spot on - while her paperwork isn't on the FEC's website, her legislative campaign website has been reborn as a Congressional campaign site.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

I have met Wendy Rogers and prefer her stated policy to those of Schapira but if she couldn't beat him then I fail to see how she could beat him now.

I worked the polls for Schapira when he first ran for office and have been unimpressed with his record since (although he is a Democrat and I should hardly be surprised he votes as one).

Unless Rogers can bag a unique position she can beat Schapira with (SB 1070 might be it, though I don't personally think so) she should find another position to run for.