Thursday, January 05, 2012

Russell Pearce trying for a political comeback

...and in at least this observer's opinion, that's a good thing...for Arizona's Democrats and Independents.

In November, former state senate president Russell Pearce became the first sitting legislator in Arizona history to be successfully recalled.  Now, he is planning for a political comeback.

Donna at Democratic Diva has a report quoted from The Yellow Sheet, the Arizona Capitol Times' pricey political gossip rag, and other outlets (R blogs mostly) have copies of an email that support the Cap Times' story, Russell Pearce's next political move.

He's running for 1st Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party.

Now some will say that Pearce should just stay gone, and I understand that position.  However, I respectfully disagree with it.

One of the down sides, perhaps the ONLY down side, of Pearce's recall was that Democratic candidates all over the state could run by making Pearce and his arrogance, abuse of office, and divisiveness the poster child of the AZGOP and all of its candidates.  His ouster took that away, because politics is definitely an "out of sight, out of mind" enterprise.

His possible...ok, *probable*...return will serve to keep him in the public eye, and cause some of the contempt the voters have for him and his misdeeds to wash over onto all AZ Republican candidates.

As Donna speculated before me, this may just be a move to put himself in line for the chair of the AZGOP after this cycle, but that's only speculation on my part. 

For some reason, I'm not on the "good Republican" email distribution lists.  :)

To Russell Pearce:  Please don't out of this race like you did when you (almost) ran against Jeff Flake in 2007/2008.  The sane and reasonable majority in Arizona needs serve as a negative example.

To AZGOP state committee members:  Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease be blindly loyal to one of your past electeds, no matter how craven his misdeeds.  We need you (and him) to remind voters of the true face of the GOP.


Thane Eichenauer said...

Eh. Pearce in a position with the Republican Party bureacracy is a ghost compared to his lost power to do evil as part of the legislature.

Even if it could harm the Arizona Republican Party I wouldn't encourage this as one should never be encouraging ANYBODY to vote for the greater evil. The ability of unintended consequences to muck up the works should be respected.

Ah, electoral politics and the resultant perverse incentives... What would we do without them - live peacefully.

cpmaz said...

For what it's worth Thane, it was sarcasm, not an actual plea to vote for Pearce.

My actual hope is that if nothing else, the Rs will consider the ramifications of voting for him.

However, I fully understand that most Rs don't even know this blog exists, and of the few that do know of it, none would ever do something I suggested simply because I was the one who suggested they do that something.

I still enjoyed venting, which is what this is all about.