Monday, January 30, 2012

Resignations, plants, and rumors: Candidates update

...Confirming rumors of long standing, Andrei Cherny has resigned as chair of the Arizona Democratic Party to run for Congress in the new CD9.  He joins State Senator David Schapira and Kyrsten Sinema in the field pursuing the Democratic nomination.  No paperwork is up on the FECs website, but his campaign website is already up (bare bones, but it's there).  His entry muddies up the race somewhat.  Rumored results of recent polling (in other words, take this with a grain of salt) point toward Cherny not being able to win a three-way race, and it looks like he would be unlikely to defeat Sinema straight up.  He trails but is closer to Schapira.  It will be interesting to see in which direction his attacks are aimed.

...As for the Congressional seat recently vacated by the recovering Gabby Giffords, there's an email circulating saying that Tim Sultan, a former candidate for Congress and the lege and an active member of the Democrats of Greater Tucson, is going to jump into that race.  As of last week, he was still officially just "considering" the move, but the email makes it sound like a done deal.

...One John Rowan has entered the race for the Democratic nomination for Maricopa County Sheriff.  He's touting himself as a "conservative Democrat".  Given that the job of county sheriff in any county in any state should filled by a non-ideological professional, it was a little surprising to read about Rowan's proclamation of his ideological position.  However, becomes less surprising when one finds out that until recently, Rowan was a registered Republican.

His organizational paperwork is here.  He is serving as both his own committee chair and committee treasurer.

...In Scottsdale, Virginia Korte, a long-time presence in the business community, has opened a committee for a run, not at mayor as was rumored, but for city council.  Her campaign co-chairs are Carolyn Allen, a retired state senator, and Jim Bruner, a former Maricopa County supervisor.

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