Friday, January 13, 2012

Candidate and committees update

Federal developments of note:

...In a totally unsurprising development, State Sen. Ron Gould (R-The South will rise again!) announced that he is running for Congress in the new CD4.  It is pretty much a safe R district, so the interesting fight will be in the primary.  He joins Congressman Paul Gosar and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu as officially in the race.  There are also rumors swirling about Andy Tobin, the Speaker of the Arizona House, a Republican from Paulden.

State developments of note:

...Former Arizona Cardinal Michael Bankston has formed a committee to run as a Democrat for the State House.

...Krista at Democratic Diva has a report of the goings-on in the new LD24.  Apparently, former state senator Ken Cheuvront and current state representative Katie Hobbs, both Democrats, are both interested in the senate seat, and there is already a rift developing between the two camps.  Hobbs' camp includes current representatives Chad Campbell and Lela Alston.  Cheuvront's includes his mom.

I'm not kidding.

...Current state representatives Judy Burges (R), Steve Farley (D) and Tom Chabin (D) have opened committees for senate runs in their respective districts (Burges - NW Maricopa County; Farley - Tucson; Chabin - Flagstaff).

...Tom Rawles of Carefree is running as "party - other" (or at least unspecified) for the state senate seat in the new LD1.  I'm not absolutely positive, and it is too late on a Friday night for phone calls to strangers for this stuff, but I think this is the same Tom Rawles who, as a Mesa City Council member in 2007, created a national uproar when he declined to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance to protest the US invasion of Iraq.  He's one of the few Libertarians in AZ who could have a serious impact on a race.

...Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal, perhaps still basking in the glow of his recent "victory" over Tucson's ethnic studies program, has opened an "exploratory" committee for 2014.  No office is specified, so he could intend for it to serve as a fund-raising conduit for a reelection campaign, or he could have his eyes on another office (both the Secretary of State and Governor's offices will be open because of term limits)

Maricopa county developments of note:

...Something must be going on with Lester Pearce, brother of Russell, the recalled former state senator, because yet another big name has opened a committee to run for Lester Pearce's spot as North Mesa Justice of the Peace.  Now Romney has filed for the seat.

No, not former governor of Massachusetts and proud job cremator Mitt.

Nope, Jess Romney has filed for the seat.  And before someone asks, I have absolutely no idea if Jess and Mitt are related.

...Manuel Burboa of Laveen has filed as an Independent to run for the District 5 seat on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors currently held by Democrat Mary Rose Wilcox.

...And with all due respect to the candidates named above and to the candidates I haven't listed in the interest of saving time and keeping the post readable, the big announcement of the week was that Democrat Paul Penzone, a retired Phoenix police officer, has filed to run for Maricopa County Sheriff. 

In local level developments of note:

...Scottsdale City Council member Bob Littlefield has opened an exploratory committee for consideration of a run at the mayor's office.  As he is not in the last year of his term on the council (he was reelected in 2010), he'll have to resign if he does actually get in the race.  If the race comes down to a choice between Littlefield and incumbent Jim Lane, Littlefield will get my vote.  He is far from the perfect choice, but at least Littlefield doesn't think that south Scottsdale exists for the sole purpose of concentrating liquor licenses.

...In Fountain Hills, there is only one candidate for mayor after the second candidate withdrew from the race.  The remaining candidate is Linda Kavanagh, wife of State Representative John Kavanagh.  Assuming that she gets the job *and* takes seriously the mayor's obligation to work for the best interests of the town, there could be some interesting conversations over dinner in the Kavanagh household.

Particularly around budget time, when Rep. Kavanagh will have to explain to Mayor Kavanagh the legislature's annual drive to screw over the cities and towns of Arizona.


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