Saturday, December 03, 2011

Technical issues

FIve years is barely the beginning in human years, young adulthood in dog years, and maybe a week in tortoise years.

In laptop years it's at least two, perhaps three, complete generations.

Due to some technical issues*, it will be a few more days until the blog gets back up to speed.

* = The screen on my five-year old laptop finally gave up the ghost.  While it stood me in good stead during the joyous 2008 election season, and the not-so-joyous 2010 election season, and dozens of legislative, government, and public meetings. 

It's time to gratefully let it retire.

See you in a week or so.

...And I so wanted to write about Herman Cain, Jan Brewer, Lori "Cain couldn't have cheated on his wife because he didn't make a pass at me" Klein, and more... :)

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