Monday, November 07, 2011

Brief update on redistricting mess...

Steve at the Arizona Eagletarian has a far more comprehensive rundown here, but I like brevity, so here is mine...

Regarding the court filings seeking to stay and overturn the removal of Colleen Mathis, the independent chair of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC) by Governor Jan Brewer and the Republicans caucus in the state senate, the pertinent dates/deadlines (from an email press release) -
Monday, 11/7 at 5 pm – Responses due for Motion to Stay Removal and Motion to Intervene

Tuesday, 11/8 at Noon – Reply to responses for Motion to Stay Removal and Motion to Intervene

Tuesday, 11/8 in the afternoon – Court will consider Motion to Stay Removal (no hearing) and a decision expected in Motion to Stay Removal.

Friday, 11/11 at 5 pm – Responses to petition for special action and any amicus briefs due

Monday, 11/14 at 5 pm – Reply to responses to petition for special action and amicus briefs

Thursday, 11/17 at 2 pm – Potential Oral Arguments on merits of petition for special action (25 mins per side.)
So to sum up, the state supreme court will (probably) decide tomorrow to grant or deny a stay of the removal, and will (probably) decide by the end of next week whether or not to overturn the removal in its entirety.

- Steve at the Arizona Eagletarian has linked to a couple of the court filings uploaded as Google docs, but let me summarize:  Lisa Hauser, writing for the governor: "We can do what we want, when we want, to who we want, and our victims (the AIRC and the voters) can't say squat about it."

The response from Mathis and Linda McNulty and Jose Herrera, the Democratic members of the AIRC: "Wanna bet?"

- The Arizona Commission on Appellate Court Appointments has reopened applications for the position of independent chair of the AIRC.  The deadline for submitting applications is next Tuesday, November 15, at 5 p.m.

General info for applicants is here.

The application is here (note to applicants: while one of the Republican members of the AIRC lied on his application concerning tax liens, among other things, you shouldn't expect to get away with it if you do.  Of course, even if you don't lie, the Rs will say you did...unless you're actually an R plant.  Then they'll get on their knees in the middle of Washington Street and kiss your butt, even if you've committed violent crimes.  See Bundgaard, Scott.).
Stay tuned...

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