Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Update to Committees Update: Republican going Independent to run against Arpaio

Oops.  Turns out I missed a pretty big development in campaign committees news in my last post on the topic.

From the Valley Fever column on the Phoenix New Times' website, written by James King -
Scottsdale Lieutenant Mike Stauffer, the man who hopes to unseat Joe Arpaio as Maricopa County sheriff, announced Friday that he's switching party affiliation to run as an Independent.

It's probably a pretty good move -- Stauffer originally was running as a Republican, which means he would have had to face Arpaio in a GOP primary. Arpaio's brand of fruitcake, reality show sheriffin' tends to appeal to Maricopa County's far-right-wing-nuts, who would likely vote en masse for America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff."

Stauffer, a life-long Republican, has said from the first days of his candidacy that the office of the sheriff shouldn't be politicized -- that it's about law enforcement, not political ideologies.
Stauffer's revised campaign paperwork is here.  His campaign website is here.

More updates as there is, well, more to update.  :)


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