Thursday, October 06, 2011

Name-calling at the people you want to vote for you may not be the best campaign tactic

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, the current flavor of the week in the R field of contenders (Chris Christie threatened to unseat Cain, but Christie decided not to enter the race) seems to be falling into the same pattern as the other recent flavors of the week -

They move to the front of the pack and proceed to show everyone why they're unqualified even for the nomination, much less the office.

Earlier this evening, he appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC.  When host O'Donnell brought up a poll showing that 81% of Americans support a small tax increase on the wealthiest Americans. 

Cain responded by saying that the Democrats have brainwashed 81% of Americans.

I'm not kidding (like I could make up something this outlandish :) )

Now, I'm not a math major or an accountant, but it seems that Cain can't comprehend that he needs the support of more than the 19% (100% - 81%) has hasn't insulted if he actually expects to win the presidency.

Time Magazine has coverage here; Mediaite has coverage here (their coverage includes embedded video).

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tempe turley said...

The utter incompetence of every Republican candidate not named Mitt Romney means that Romney will likely win the nomination despite the party's best efforts against this.

If so, I think Romney has the best chance of taking out Obama.