Saturday, September 03, 2011

Pics from Saturday's meeting of the Redistricting Commission

...The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC) met Saturday in Tempe.  It was a relatively low-key meeting, with perhaps two dozen people in attendance (not a surprising number given that this is a holiday weekend).  Tea party types showed up but were only mildly threatening and obnoxious.  Steve at Arizona Eagletarian was there today and will do a full write up soon.

A few pics...

Commissioner Linda McNulty and AIRC Chair Colleen Mathis listen intently during a presentation from Strategic Telemetry, the AIRC's mapping consultant.  Commissioner Scott Freeman almost made it into the left side of the frame.  :)

State Rep. John Kavanagh and Willie Desmond of Strategic Telemetry talk during a break in the meeting.

Mohur Sidwa of Pima County speaking about the issue of prisons being used to increase the political influence of areas with prisoners and to reduce the political influence of areas that the prisoners are from.  She's a wise woman.  OK - she likes the works of Isaac Asimov as much as I do.  :)

Wes Harris, a Phoenix tea party type.  In addition to harangueing the AIRC, he tended to play a little fast and loose with the facts.  Harris: 68% of the people in Arizona live in Maricopa County.  US Census Bureau: 59.7%, and the percentage is shrinking.

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