Thursday, September 29, 2011

The GOP presidential debate road show is coming to Arizona; let the betting begin

...No, I'm not talking about betting on which candidate will "win" the debate.  Nope, I'm talking about what AZ tea party types will do to top previous debate audiences.

They've got approximately two months to come up with something really out there - the debate is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, December 1st.

So far this year they've...

...Cheered the idea of legalizing heroin.  Perhaps not so bad an idea, in a "the so-called War on Drugs is a miserable failure" sort of way, however, that was the high point for R audiences this year (no pun intended).  Since then, they've...

...Cheered the massive number of executions in Texas during candidate Rick Perry's governorship there

...Cheered the idea of letting uninsured patients die for the "crime" of being uninsured

...Booed an openly gay deployed soldier for being, well, *gay.* 

So what will the Arizona GOPers/tea party types do to surpass the other audiences?

...Cheer the mere thought of undocumented immigrants dying is the deserts of Arizona?

...Hang the President in effigy outside the venue?

...Burn a cross before the event?

...Bring assault rifles "modern sporting rifles" to the debate and start firing them into the ceiling whenever someone says something they like (and maybe aiming a little lower whenever they hear something they don't like?)?

This being Arizona, and with Arizona GOPers being what they are, I predict that whatever they do to bring shame on the state will be nativism-related...though something along the lines of cheering for Jared Loughner's mass shooting in Tucson remains a possibility.

Anybody else have predictions?  Comments are open...

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