Monday, August 01, 2011

Stage one of the latest mugging of America complete: House passes debt ceiling deal

Edited on August 2 to correct an error.  I initially wrote that Paul Gosar voted against the measure, when in fact, he voted for it.  Thanks go out to reader Robert Leger for spotting the mistake.

Monday, the House passed the debt ceiling mugging "compromise" by a 269 - 161 vote.  The vote did have the unexpected effect of uniting the usually-divided-along-partisan-lines Arizona delegation, where all but two members voted against the measure (Democrats Pastor and Gijalva were no votes because it was such a horrific deal, Republicans Quayle, Schweikert, Franks, and Flake voted no because it isn't horrific enough).  The members of the Arizona delegation who voted in favor: Republican Paul Gosar and...

Democrat Gabby Giffords, who returned from her long rehab following the January mass shooting in Tucson.

Pic of the one true highlight of the day -

Pic courtesy Laura McGann of Politico

She may have voted the wrong way today, but it was still great to see her back at work.

....As a related aside, look for whoever stage managed the moment for the White House to move to Hollywood after the 2012 elections.  He or she is obviously good enough to make some serious money there and just as obviously, he or she will be looking for a job by the end of next year.

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tempe turley said...

It was really good to see Giffords vote today. It showed to me the urgency of getting the debt ceiling raised. I think it was the only responsible option left on the table. I'm shocked that Schweikert voted no. Another reason to get him out of office if you ask me.