Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Republicans and messages from God...

R presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann was quoted widely Monday saying that the recent natural disasters (earthquake and hurricane) along the east coast are a "message from God" to American politicians telling them to cut spending (on things like disaster relief and management services perhaps?).  She later backtracked, saying her statement was a joke, but based on the video (below, courtesy the Washington Post) of her delivery of her "message from God" claim, her backtrack is the joke.

Her statement made me wonder.  There are seemingly two consistent trends when it comes to Republicans and their conversations with God -

1.  God always seems to say what the Rs want to hear anyway.  It would have been incredibly surprising if Bachmann stood up and said "the hurricane and the earthquake are God's way of telling us that there is a real purpose for government and the constant drive to cut government to pay for tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy undermines that purpose."

2.  The "messages" usually involve the suffering of others, but never themselves.  It's not as if Bachmann (or any other R, for that matter) will view her next electoral loss as a message from God telling her to find a new career. 

BTW - claiming that her statement was a "joke" really doesn't help her cause much - that means she thinks that a storm that killed 42 people (and counting!), left millions of people in darkness, and caused billions of dollars worth of property damage from North Carolina to northern New England is something to *laugh* about.

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