Thursday, August 25, 2011

Instead of apologizing for his bigoted comments regarding the Wallow Fire, John McCain is doubling down...

In June, to widespread criticism, Arizona Senator John McCain blamed unnamed illegal immigrants for the large wildfires that burned hundreds of thousands of acres in Arizona this summer, including the Wallow Fire, the largest in AZ history.

There was no evidence at the time that undocumented immigrants set the fires, but that lack of evidence didn't stop McCain.

The furor over his remarks died down somewhat as the summer wore on, but people didn't forget McCain's broadly bigoted statements.

That became obvious yesterday, when two cousins from Arizona, both with the last name "Malboeuf", were arrested for starting the Wallow Fire with a carelessly handled campfire.

The arrests, definitive evidence that McCain was simply wrong in June, brought forth renewed calls for McCain to apologize.

McCain's response?

A robust denial that the arrests in the Wallow Fire mean that his comments were wrong, only that immigrants didn't start that single fire.

Guess McCain and his cohorts think that people with a name like "Malboeuf" are still from Mexico, only the most northern part.

The part that the rest of us call "Canada."

Note:  I'm just guessing at the ancestral ethnic background of the suspects.  "Malboeuf" sounds French or French-Canadian.


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