Monday, August 22, 2011

In case you missed it...

...Last week, embattled Senate president Russell Pearce (R-National Alliance) appointed freshman Sen. Don "Tequila" Shooter as chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee.  The position opened up because Sen. Andy Biggs, now the former chair, ascended to the position of Senate majority leader when now-former majority leader Sen. Scott Bundgaard was ousted from his job as a result of a "domestic violence incident" by the side of a Phoenix freeway (OK, he attacked his girlfriend.  No need to be tactful).

Some were surprised by the elevation of a freshman member to the head of the most powerful committee in the Senate.

Most observers, including me, expected the post to go to one of the more experienced R members of the committee, which include Sens. Sylvia Allen, Rich Crandall, Ron Gould, and Al Melvin.

Evan Wyloge of the Arizona Capitol Times speculates that Shooter got the promotion because in some unnamed way, Shooter is in a position to help Pearce with his looming recall election.

Personally, I think he simply passed his audition in June by proving he was one of Pearce's "good ol' boys."

...Mitt "just folks" Romney has followed up his recent declaration that "corporations are people" with plans to expand his home...a spare house, a $12 million, 3000 square foot beach home in La Jolla, California.

Just a guess here, but he probably isn't going to run on a "populist" platform.

...Finally, something that really *did* escape my notice last week, the Arizona Republic's Political Insider noticed that Arizona's top law enforcement official has a very interesting friend on Facebook -

Noted Arizona neo-Nazi (and Russell Pearce buddy) J.T. Ready.

I freely admit that I didn't have a high opinion of Horne to begin with, but he actually found a way to lower my opinion of him.

Thanks, Tom.  Now I have to figure out what's lower than "pond scum". 

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