Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Short Attention Span Musing...

...From the "good things happening to good people" department -

It's taken more than six months, but one of the victims of Jared Lougher's shooting rampage in Tucson finally made it back to work.  With the aid of a cane, but under his own power.

From the Arizona Republic, written by Amanda Lee Myers -
A staffer for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords returned to work Tuesday for the first time since being seriously injured in the Tucson mass shooting nearly six months ago.

Ron Barber, 65, was shot in the cheek and thigh during the Jan. 8 attack that killed six people and injured 13, including Barber and Giffords. The shooting killed Barber's colleague, Gabe Zimmerman, and John Roll, Barber's college buddy and a federal judge.

Barber has spent the past six months undergoing extensive physical therapy and coping with the trauma of the shooting and the loss of his friends. He returned to work at Giffords' Tucson office on a part-time basis Tuesday as he continued rehab and his struggles with fatigue and pain.

...From the "they should have just reprinted the phone book" department -

With the announcement from Hugh Hallman that he won't seek reelection, the speculation about who will run for the job is revving up.

From the Arizona Republic, written by Dianna M. Nanez -
The 2012 race for Tempe mayor could prompt a state legislator to resign his seat and pit current and former council members against each other.
But potential candidates and their supporters are hopeful that an early vetting of candidates will narrow the field to include a strong, but collegial bunch committed to improving their city's standing.

Mayor Hugh Hallman's surprise announcement last month not to seek re-election sparked a political buzz.
The story went on to list possible candidates:

Ed Ableser, a current state representive (LD17)
Neil Giuliano, a former mayor
Shana Ellis, current Tempe City Council member
Onnie Shekerjian, current Tempe City Council member
Corey Woods, current Tempe City Council member
Mark Mitchell, current Tempe City Council member
Robin Arredondo-Savage, current Tempe City Council member
Joel Navarro, current Tempe City Council member (he stated he was NOT running.  The others didn't answer the question or left open the possiblity)
Linda Spears, former member of the Tempe City Council and community activist
Laura Knaperek, former LD17 state representative and current lobbyist-for-hire (like Navarro, she stated that she was not running)
Dick Foreman, a lobbyist for Southwest Gas
Michael Monti, a restaurant owner
Cliff Jones, retired Tempe fire chief (also a "no")
Ross Robb, Kyrene school board member and a real estate developer (also a "no")

In fact, about the only person they didn't name was me.  And I don't actually live in Tempe.

...From the "good things happening to bad people" department -

From the Arizona Republic, written by the AP's Kyle Hightower -

Casey Anthony's eyes welled with tears and her lips trembled as the verdict was read once, twice and then a third time: "Not guilty" of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Outside the courthouse, many in the crowd of 500 reacted with anger, chanting, "Justice for Caylee!" One man yelled, "Baby killer!"
Somebody needed to remind the jurors that the standard of proof is "beyond a reasonable doubt," not "beyond ALL doubt."  And that is all I'll write about this topic.

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They did not mention me either and I *do* live in Tempe.