Saturday, July 09, 2011

Pearce Recall Certified; Election Imminent*

* - Pending the inevitable legal challenge, of course...

From the East Valley Tribune, written by Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services -
State election officials announced Friday there are more than enough signatures to force Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, to defend his seat.

Elections Director Amy Bjelland formally certified there are10,365 valid signatures on the petitions. Only 7,756 were needed.

Gov. Jan Brewer now has 15 days to call the election, something she cannot legally refuse to do. That means the vote will come on the next available election date, Nov. 8, unless there is a legal challenge.
Later in the article, Fischer writes about how Pearce has no plans to mount a legal challenge to the recall, but Pearce's lawyer is Lisa Hauser, the infamous Republican attorney.  If there is an angle or scheme she can use in defense of Pearce's interests, she will. 

And even if there isn't, she may use the Casey Anthony "spaghetti" defense - throw a lot of spaghetti against the wall, and see if some of it sticks.

BTW - "spaghetti" isn't the real name, but since this is a PG-13 rated blog... :)

Congratulations, and thanks, are due to all of the folks at Citizens for a Better Arizona.  Without their vision, dedication, and thousands of hours of hard work, history would not have been made  - Pearce is the first state-level elected official in Arizona to be faced with a recall.

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