Sunday, July 24, 2011

Journalistic stretches: A question

Sunday, the Arizona Republic published a column written by Doug MacEachern where he blamed the political mess in Quartzsite in La Paz County on Clarence Dupnik.

The sheriff of Pima County.

Since Tucson, the county seat of Pima County, is roughly 240 miles from Quartzsite, this seems to be a bit of a stretch.  However, if this is an accepted journalistic practice, does that mean that I can blame the biker rally killings in Coconino County this weekend on the gun nuts in the Arizona legislature?  Perhaps making Rep. Jerry Weiers (R-Glendale), the lege's resident biker advocate/lobbyist, the poster child of the blamefest?

It wouldn't be any more accurate than MacEachern's diatribe, but apparently, "accuracy" isn't a requirement for Arizona journalists, at least not for those who are senior staffers at the Republic.

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