Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update: Campaign Committees

Things continue to be quiet on the new candidate front, as most potential candidates seem to be waiting for the redistricting process to finish.

However, there have been a few new committees formed at the legislative level.  While all list their current district for the office that they are seeking, that will change after the new districts are laid out later this year.

New committees:

James Bearup, Republican for LD6 House

Pat Fleming, Democrat for LD25 Senate.  Fleming is a former member of the House.  The current LD25 Senate seat is held by Republican Gail Griffin.

Bryan Kilgore Sr., Democrat for LD12 House.

Other committees -

Patriots for Pearce, supporting Russell Pearce/opposing the recall of Pearce

City of Scottsdale/City of Tempe -

No new committees that I could find.  That should change in Tempe first because their election is in March and May, while Scottsdale's in August and November.

City of Phoenix update:

The following candidates have been certified for the ballot -

For Mayor

Anna Brennan
Wes Gullett
Claude Mattox
Peggy Neely
Greg Stanton
Jennifer Wright

City Council, District 1

Bill Barker
Eric Frederick
Gary Whalen
Thelda Williams

City Council, District 2

Bryan Jeffries
David Jones
Jim Waring

City Council, District 3

Bill S. Gates
Steven Gross

City Council, District 5

Charlie Ellis
Eric Sloan
Brenda Sperduti
Daniel Valenzuela

City Council, District 7

Janet Contreras
Michael Nowakowski
Arthur Olivas Jr.


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