Monday, June 06, 2011

The not-so-fine line between "dumb" and "dumbass"

I was going to title this post "Well, didn't see that one coming" but we all saw "it", and that was the problem.

Today, Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) admitted that yes, he was responsible for the lewd pictures sent via his Twitter fieed to a college student in Seattle.  His original story that his Twitter account was hacked, well, that story was a lie.

He also admitted that he had a number of online "relationships" with women who he has never met.

That makes him dumb.  He's not the first guy to do something like that, nor is he the first to initially deny everything when caught.

However, when a high-profile public figure such as a member of Congress not only does that, but does it under his own name and with pictures and is expects to keep it a secret, that's the very definition of "dumbass".

Congressman Anthony Weiner is a dumbass.

I like him politically, and as DC scandals goes, this is pretty minor league.  I hope it doesn't lead to the end of his political career. 

I'm still happy that he isn't married to one of my sisters, however.

My advice to Congressman Weiner and all Democratic officeholders -

1.  Nothing, not phone calls, text messages, emails, Tweets, Facebook updates or whatever, is secret.  If it's embarrassing or can be spun in an embarrassing way, it *will* come out.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't use those forms of communication, but don't say, write, or send something that you wouldn't want on display in open church in front of your grandparents and fiercest rival.

2.  Don't try to tell jokes.  You can't do it right.  Ask John Kerry.  Or Barack Obama

Leave the jokes to the jokers.

My advice to Republican office-holders -

1.  Say what you want; do what you want.  For example (hypotheticall speaking, of course) -

- Like to hang out in airport restrooms?  Go for it.

- Have a habit of sending creepy emails to underage pages?  No one will care.  Trust me.

- Want to abandon your official duties in favor of a booty call in Argentina?  Your constituents will be cool with that.

- Want to boink the wife of a family friend, and use you parents to funnel hush money your girlfriend and her husband?  Sounds brilliant.

- Sending semi-nude pictures of yourself?  Not a problem.

2.  Tell all the jokes that you want.  The more off-color and bigoted, the better.  People will appreciate it, especially if they are the target of your joke.  You'll seem like "just folks."


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Steve Muratore said...

IDK, Obama did quite a good job telling jokes (and getting laughs) while being cool as a cucumber about the bin Laden operation last month. 8-D