Friday, June 03, 2011

Did anybody notice...?

...that Rep. Paul "I'm a millionaire" Gosar (R-AZ1) pushed an anti-Davis-Bacon Act amendment to the Homeland Security funding bill passed by the House this week?  The Davis-Bacon Act requires that workers on public works projects are paid the "prevailing wage" in their area.  The amendment failed, even with the support of the other four Arizona Republicans in the House.

It's kind of curious that a wealthy Congressman who (allegedly) represents the people of Arizona's First district, which contains some of the poorest areas of the state, would be actively working to suppress wages in that area (and across the country).

...that Sen. Russell Pearce has a pattern?  He's all for the blind "rule of law" when it is applied to people with brown skin or who simply disagree with him.  But for people he likes?  Not so much.

Latest example:  His appointment to the state's Child Support Committee has a history of violence in front of children.

Pearce's response when his appointee's criminal record was brought to his attention?

From an Arizona Capitol Times story, written by Gary Grado -
Finding qualified people to sit on the multitude of committees that have many seats is a challenge, and disqualifying people on the basis of a criminal record would make it even more challenging, Pearce said.

The blasé attitude, while disappointing, is hardly surprising.  This is the same guy who pronounced that state senators are above the law barring the possession of weapons in public buildings and that his ally and fellow state senator, Scott Bundgaard, was actually the victim in a domestic violence incident that took place in February.

Despite the statement of the actual victim.

Despite the reports of the police.

Despite the statements of eye witnesses.

...that since she bought a house in north Scottsdale, Sarah Palin has been everywhere except for Arizona?  It seems like she hasn't missed a landmark, tourist trap, or truck stop in her presidential campaign bus tour through the northeastern U.S.

Well, just she doesn't slip from notice here (OK, so that's not going to happen.  It works as an excuse to write this blurb :) ), based on the address, here is a list of electeds who need to watch their backs.

President Barack Obama - it's hardly a secret that she wants his job.  OK, she probably just wants the title.  If she actually won, she'd probably quit a couple of years into her first term to find a better-paying job.

Congressman Jeff Flake - it's hardly a secret that she'd "settle" for the US Senate seat held by the soon-to-be-retired Jon Kyl, a seat that's coveted by Flake.

Secretary of State Ken Bennett and anyone else eyeing a 2014 run for governor.  Arizona is a bigger state than Alaska, and while she probably isn't interested in dealing with the AZ legislature, anything could happen.

Congressmen David Schweikert and Ben Quayle - her new home places her at the western edge of the current Fifth Congressional District.  After redistricting, she could end up in either Schweikert's or Quayle's freshly-redrawn district.  As first-termers running for reelection in somewhat unfamiliar districts, they'll be highly vulnerable to challenges.

LD7 and LD8 state legislators Heather Carter, David Burnell Smith, Michelle Ugenti are all first-termers in the lege.  While it is highly unlikely that Palin would be interested in a run at the lege, they would be vulnerable in the same way that Schweikert and Quayle are vulnerable.  Nancy Barto, Michele Reagan, John Kavanagh could be vulnerable to a primary challenge from a high-profile opponent, but they've been around long enough that they could weather such a challenge.  After redistricting, she could end up in the new version of either district.

Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley.  While he has survived the attacks from Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas, he has been scuffed up enough for a challenger to defeat him.  Not the highest profile position, but they get to deal with an annual budget of more than $2 billion, with minimal oversight.  With Palin's predilection for misusing office (Troopergate, anyone?), this one cannot be ruled out.

Desert Ridge Justice of the Peace Clancy Jayne...OK, this one is a bit of a stretch, even for a wiseass post like this one.  Maricopa County JPs are paid pretty well (~$100K) but it's a job that is actual work.  She would have to show up and do the job, not spend her time flying around the country trying to find the greatest concentration of TV cameras.

Desert Ridge Constable Cory Hazlett...lower profile and lower pay than the JP job, and the job requires working outside.  Not gonna happen either.

Cave Creek Unified School District Governing Board members David Schaefer, Mark Warren, Susan Clancy, Casey Perkins, and Stephanie Reese.  Probably too low-profile for Palin's taste, and she's not exactly a fan of public education (her oldest daughter was homeschooled, not sure about her other children), but school board members probably garner the most respect accorded any elected position in Arizona.  Quitting halfway through her term as governor of Alaska has left Palin a little light in the respect department.

Peak View precinct Republican PCs Melinda Gulick, Peter Kanton, Regina Knapp, Gary McCaleb, Gwenn McCaleb, Lawrence Wangler, and Verna Wangler.  Low-profile and unpaid, yet gaining one of these slots could bolster carpetbagger Palin's bonafides with the AZ GOP.  Could result in the first known case of a PC candidate having to file campaign finance reports.

Finally, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane.  Not being snarky here.  It's high-profile enough to give her Arizona visibility for any 2014 or 2016 runs in AZ, yet part-time enough for her to keep her financially lucrative reality TV/faux news career going.  Plus Scottsdale has a recent history of elected women as its mayor (Mary Manross, Sam Campana).



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