Saturday, May 28, 2011

2012 committees update

Edited/corrected on 5/29 per an email from frequent reader and commenter Thane.  Thanks Thane!

Edited on 5/30 per an observation from commenter Steve, to clarify some poorly crafted language.  Thanks Steve!

Things have been fairly quiet on the committee formation front, but a few new ones sprung up since the last update.

For U.S. Senate -

Douglas McKee of Ft. Mohave has filed for the Republican nomination.  Ft. Mohave (population ~14K), between Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City in the northwest corner of the state probably isn't the best place from which to launch serious statewide campaign, but I did a quick Google search on him.  His Twitter feed is here, his "fathers' rights" website is here.

Richard Grayson of Apache Junction has filed for the Green Party nomination.  He's run against Jeff Flake, the expected Republican nominee next year, in the past and is making another run.

For U. S. House -

No new committees that I could find

For statewide office -

Ken Bennett has filed an exploratory committee for a 2014 run for governor.  Not "new" news, but I hadn't found the committee on the Secretary of State's, aka, his, website.

For Arizona Legislature -

Adam Kwasman has filed for the Republican nomination for LD26 House.  According to his Linkedin page, he was the campaign manager in 2010 for Jesse Kelly's failed bid for Gabby Giffords' CD8 House seat.  The LD26 House seats are currently held by Republicans Terri Proud and Vic Williams, though after redistricting they could all end up in separate districts.

Robert McDonald Jr. has filed for the Democratic nomination for LD18 Senate.  He ran in 2010, coming in second in the Democratic primary to Andrew Sherwood.

Other state-level committees -

The Republicans have formed a committee to oppose the recall of Sen. Russell Pearce.  Yes, it's officially "non-partisan" but it is chaired by Matt Tolman, Pearce ally and friend, and more importantly for this post, former 2nd Vice Chair of the AZGOP and Chair of the LD18 Republican Party.  His Linkedin page is here.

City of Phoenix -

Phoenix' general election is in August, with the runoff (if necessary) in November.  Candidate petitions are due June 1, so I won't go over the whole list of candidates yet (mostly because it hasn't been finalized yet), but some candidates have already been certified for the ballot -

Greg Stanton for Mayor

Eric Frederick, Gary Whalen, and Thelda Williams for City Council, District 1

Jim Waring for City Council, District 2

Brenda Sperduti and Daniel Valenzuela, City Council, District 5

Arthur Olivas Jr., City Council, District 7

Tempe and Scottsdale -

There don't seem to be any new committees that I could find.



Steve Muratore said...

Is the new committee "anti-Pearce" or "anti-recall?"

opinionerator said...

Enough of your jokes. Get serious about who will be ...never mind.