Monday, April 04, 2011

Is Jan Brewer a governor moonlighting as a lobbyist, or a lobbyist moonlighting as a governor?

Either way, she seems spend her days helping out Chuck Coughlin...

From the Arizona Republic, written by Ginger Rough -
Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday issued a statement in which she expressed "great disappointment and sadness" over the Fiesta Bowl scandal and pledged to convene a panel of Arizona business and athletic leaders to help the bowl repair its image.

"This panel will work in cooperation and consultation with the Fiesta Bowl Board of Directors so that steps are taken to ensure that the bowl emerges from this painful process a stronger, more accountable institution," Brewer's statement said.
Coughlin's Brewer's complete statement is here.

So you ask "What's the relationship here?"

- Chuck Coughlin is the head of what is likely Arizona's most influential lobbying firm, HighGround.

- Chuck Coughlin was and is Jan Brewer's biggest political "advisor," so influential that many consider him to be less an "advisor" and more a "puppeteer."

- Chuck Coughlin lists the Fiesta Bowl as a client on his website and is, in fact, hip deep in the growing scandal surrounding the Fiesta Bowl and its "gifts" and laundered campaign contributions to Arizona politicians.  From page 178 of the Fiesta Bowl's own report (emphasis mine) -

In October 2005, the Fiesta Bowl spent at least $18,453.95 on a legislative "dignitary" trip to Chicago.934 On October 28-30, 2005, Aguilar, Junker and Christine Martin traveled to Chicago with Arizona State Senators Linda Aguirre, Robert Blendu, Russell Pearce, and Linda Lopez from the Arizona House of Representatives. Accompanying these legislators were family members and guests John Aguirre, Robert Blendu, Jr., Toni Lopez, Dominic Evans, and LuAnn Pearce. General Counsel and Board member Williams was also part of this trip, as were members of Husk Partners and HighGround, including Gary and Cara Husk, Doug Cole, and Chuck Coughlin.935
Note: Doug Cole's name is highlighted because he works for Coughlin at HighGround.

Just one question:  Does Brewer fill out a time sheet?  We really shouldn't be paying her for the time she spends working on behalf of Coughlin's clients.


Luis said...

HighGround only got paid a total of $15K (mostly reimbursements) for managing a $3 million campaign for Gov. Brewer (see

Why pay a campaign manager when you can rent a lobbyist from the Fiesta Bowl for free.

Grant said...

It's not surprising she'd glance over her connections to Fiesta Bowl lobbying, but some small acknowledgment would be comforting. We'll just have to give her office time.