Saturday, April 02, 2011

Familiar names running for Phoenix City Council

Edited on 4/3 to add info that came to my attention after this post went up...

Proving once again that even in a city as large as Phoenix - 11th largest geographically, 6th largest in terms of population - in many ways it's a small town.

Some very familiar names have opened up campaign committees for Phoenix City Council this year (the District 2 committees are speculative - Peggy Neely would have to resign to run for mayor for that seat to be up for election this year) -

Janet Contreras, a former candidate for Congress in CD4, is running for the District 7 Council seat

Jim Waring, Republican former state senator and candidate for Congress in CD3, is running for District 2 (I think.  The form is handwritten and sloppy)

LeAnn Hull, Republican former candidate for Congress, also in CD3, is also running for District 2

Brenda Sperduti, a Republican communications consultant, is running for District 5

Thelda Williams, current member of the Phoenix City Council, is running for reelection in District 1

David N. Jones, CEO of the Arizona Contractors Association, running in District 2

Arthur Olivas, Republican/tea party type , is running in District 7

Charlie Ellis, Republican/tea party type, District 5

Tom Simplot, current member of the Phoenix City Council, has an open committee in  District 4, but his seat isn't up this year

Zakary Perry, a high school senior, running in District 5

Paul Yoder, Republican former candidate for LD15 House , is running for Distict 5

Michael Salman, a big fan of Sal DiCiccio , is running for District 5

Gary Whalen, Republican/tea party type, running in District 1

Daniel Valenzuela, firefighter, running in District 5

Eric Frederick, a really religious insurance saleman, District 1

Bryan Jeffries, firefighter, District 1

Eric Sloan, District 5.  Not sure what he's about, but Jeanne Lunn, a former Democratic candidate for LD7 House wrote to attest that Sloan is a "solid" guy.  He was employed by the Arizona Department of Veterans Services where he developed a wide range of friends and contacts from across the political spectrum.
Bill Barker, running as a $500 Threshold Exemption candidate in District 1

Bill Gates, current member of the Phoenix City Council, running in District 3

Steven Gross, running as a $500 Threshold Exemption candidate in District 3

Michael Nowakowski, current member of the Phoenix City Council, running in District 7

Ben Bethel, running as a $500 Threshold Exemption candidate in District 7

Note: It may just be a coincidence, but the $500 Threshold candidates all filed within 1 day of each other.

The complete candidate list is here.

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