Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 Netroots Nation: scholarship help needed

Netroots Nation, the biggest event of the year for progressive activists, is taking place June 16 - 19 in Minneapolis.  Thousands of grassroots activists from all over the country will gather to teach and learn from each other.  They will exchange ideas and knowledge and simply network with other activists who are dedicated using online work to influence public debate and effect change in the offline world.

One of the sponsors of the gathering, Democracy for America, is offering a number of scholarships to the event to assist activists who want to attend but may not enough personal resources available for the trip.

Two of my friends, local activists Diane Palmer and Lauren Kuby, honored me by nominating me for a scholarship, and I have been humbled by the outpouring of support and votes by friends, family and even people that I've never met but who are regular readers.

I've been saying "WOW" a lot today.

Even if the scholarship doesn't happen (and there are a lot of worthy candidates for just a few scholarships), I've learned that what I've observed and studied and communicated and, on more than one occasion, just simply vented, is appreciated and respected by people who I appreciate and respect.

That's truly the most humbling aspect of this, and regardless of the results of this, I am incredibly grateful to Diane, Lauren, and everyone else who has supported and voted for my application.

Now for the "shameless begging" part -

They and I need your help too.  The voting closes at 11:59 p.m. (EDT) and as many votes as possible are needed.  Please go to my DFA application page and cast a vote for my candidacy.

While this has been a humbling experience (in a very good way), a trip to Minneapolis will be even more humbling -

A couple of friends live live in MN, and I *may* have, on occasion (not more than one or or two *dozen* times), in totally respectful and harmless jest, have mentioned something about MN being a place that has two seasons - "Winter" and "Road Repair."  And about how "Road Repair" season lasts less than a month.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to hear about this whole "working to visit Minnesota" thing.  Loudly.  :)

Thanks everyone!

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