Monday, March 14, 2011

Next hearing in Andrew Thomas' disciplinary case: April 14, 2011

On March 10, the principals of the Bar disciplinary case against Andrew Thomas, former Maricopa County Attorney, and two of his former assistants met before Presiding Disciplinary Judge William O'Neil.

For background, a Phoenix New Times' story on the case is here.

The hearing, with Thomas, his former assistants Rachel Alexander and Lisa Aubuchon, their attorneys, and Independent Bar Counsel John Gleason, was for the purpose of setting up a basic schedule for future proceedings.

And, of course, being lawyers, for filing motions.  Lots of trees are giving up their lives for this case. :)

Most of the motions filed were responses to earlier motions (did I forget to mention that everyone involved is a lawyer?  :) ).  The judge accepted one motion that was filed "in confidence."  As such, that motion and the documentation associated with it aren't open to the public.

The lawyers have until Wednesday, March 16 to file responses to the various motions or a default decision can./will be handed down.

The upshot is that nothing was decided, other than to meet again on April 14.  At that time, the judge is expected to rule on whether future proceedings will be televised or even open to the public.

Thomas and Aubuchon have objected to both ideas, and at least one local media outlet has requested permission to televise future proceedings.

Coverage from AP, via KOLD TV in Tucson, here.

More to a month or so.  :)

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