Friday, March 11, 2011

In case you missed it: member of Pearce-associated group arrested for atttempted bombing of MLK Day parade

In January, someone planted a shrapnel-filled pipe bomb along the planned route of a parade commemorating Martin Luther King Day.  The device was discovered by parade workers (you know, some of the public employees that are under such a virulent attack by Koch-fueled Republicans) and defused before it could harm any parade-goers.

This week, an arrest was made in the case.  One Kevin Harpham was arrested for  illegal possession of an explosive device and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.

As the Southern Poverty Law Center reports, as recently as late 2004, Harpham was a member of the neo-Nazi/white supremacist group National Alliance.  Because of the secretive nature of such organizations, so far it is unclear how long Harpham was a member before that time, or if he still is a member.

As recently at fall 2006, Russell Pearce, then a state representative, now president of the Arizona State Senate, campaigned for reelection by forwarding emails from...wait for it...

National Alliance.

Of course.


Renée said...

Apparently Arizona is the new Louisiana. And since neo-Nazi tendencies weren't the specific transgression that brought down David Duke - alas, help us, Lord: Americans are apparently okay with neo-Nazi tendencies - I'm thinking people will give Pearce a pass. Maybe undiscovered tax fraud is in Pearce's future?

Mistress Liann said...

The employees were Labor Ready temps, subsequently fired for their actions of trying to steal an unattended backpack.