Sunday, March 27, 2011

Arizona Corporation Commission to hold special meeting on safety at Palo Verde

In the wake of the multiple disasters in Japan - the massive earthquake, the devastating tsunami, and especially the ever more frightening ongoing failure and destruction of a nuclear power plant - people here have raised concerns over the nuclear power plant closest to Phoenix, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.  It is owned by a consortium of companies, including both of Arizona's largest electricity providers APS and SRP.  (NRC info page here)

The Arizona Corporation Commission, an elected body that oversees utilities in Arizona, has been swamped with inquiries from constituents, and as a result, will be holding a special meeting on Tuesday to hear about safety measures at the plant.

From a Phoenix Business Journal article by Patrick O'Grady -
The Arizona Corporation Commission will hold a meeting Tuesday to discuss safety plans for the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.

The special meeting, to be held at 1 p.m. in the commission’s hearing room at 1200 W. Washington in Phoenix, is at the request of at least two commissioners, Bob Stump and Paul Newman.
It sounds like the meeting will be more a pep rally than an actual inquiry, but some useful info may come out of it in anyway.

The official public notice for the meeting is here.

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