Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Short Attention Span Musing...

Mostly because I need to decompress after yesterday's events...

....Part of the AZGOTP's "dream" society - "2nd Amendment remedies" for business disputes

From the Arizona Republic -
An argument between a Phoenix homeowner and a roofer regarding the quality of the work left the roofer with a life-threatening gunshot wound, Phoenix police said.

At about 1:15 p.m., a three-man crew was working on the roof of a home near 59th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard. The homeowner, a 68-year-old man, was not satisfied with the work that the crew had done, police said. The homeowner began to argue with the crew's 42-year-old foreman, said Sgt. Tommy Thompson, spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department.
...There's a little justice in the world, no matter how much certain people want to downplay that fact.

From The Independent (UK) -
A jury has sentenced the leader of an anti-immigrant group to death for the murder of a young girl and her father, in what prosecutors said was an attempt to steal drug money to fund the group's activities.

Shawna Forde, the leader of the Minutemen American Defence, has become the third woman on death row in the state of Arizona. The 43-year-old was convicted earlier this month of first-degree murder and other charges related to a raid on a home in Arivaca, a desert community about 10 miles north of the Mexican border, in May 2009. Raul Flores, 29, and his nine-year-old daughter, Brisenia, were killed in the raid.
I should be clear here, I am opposed to capital punishment, for a variety of very rational reasons, and could never have imposed the death penalty on her (or anyone else.

However, I'm human, and humans have emotions. 

And the emotional side of me isn't bothered by the verdict or the sentence.  Not in the least.

...Daniel Scarpinato, late of the AZ Daily Star and Jonathan Paton's abortive 2010 campaign for Congress, is now the press guy for Kirk Adams' Congressional campaign communications director for the AZ House Republican caucus, is known for his interesting press releases, where "interesting" means "gets creative with the facts."

The latest release distributed by Scarpinato crowing about HB2718, a bill earmarking $5 million for "border security operations" to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, headed by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Among other things, the reasons for earmarking the money to Pinal County listed in the press release include "...its unique border security operations and because it receives less federal funding than areas directly on the border."

Pinal County must have some truly "unique" border security operations - at no point does it border Mexico. another country, or even another state.

Arizona has 15 counties, and four of them have a border with Mexico - Yuma, Pima, Santa Cruz, and Cochise.

If Adams and the other Republicans are so concerned with border security, why no funds for those counties? 

Could it be because three of the counties - Yuma, Pima, and Santa Cruz - had the audacity to elect Democrats as sheriff?  Could be, but...

While as much as I'm sure the partisan factor played a part in Adams' decision to send "border security" money to a non-border county, the fundamental reason behind Adams' move to siphon $5 million in public funds to one specific county may be far more base than that.

Most Capitol watchers believe that Adams is running for Congress next year, and as a rising star in Republican circles, Babeu is being wooed by R candidates from all over the state.  The candidates will come looking for his endorsement next year. 

$5 million makes a helluva "quid" in a "quid pro quo" arrangement.

...On a related note, Scarpinato may have spent a little too much time at the Daily Star.  The last line of his press release (emphasis mine) - 
For more information or to schedule interviews, contact Daniel Scarpinato at 602-926-3233 or

Just for giggles, I sent a test email to that addy.  It bounced back almost immediately.  :(

I *so* wanted to write something about the Daily Star no longer bothering to hide its "in the pocket status," but all I can do is poke a little fun at him over the typo. :)

...Finally, look for a run on brown shirts at your local Wal Mart.

Today, House Appropriations passed HB2070, creating an armed force answerable only to the Governor and outside the National Command Authority, and funded by money siphoned from the Arizona National Guard.  You know, the organization that answers to the President.

Just another day in Sand Land...

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